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Reasons for End Daylight Saving Time Petition.
In the standard time the clock is adjusted ahead one hour near to the spring and it is adjusted toward the back on during the autumn seasons. Read more about day light saving at  check it out! . The daylight saving time was started as a way of having conservation of energy. The daylight saving petition has resulted in various problems thus most Americans are writing a petition o that it can end since they do not like it. The following are the reasons why there is a petition for ending daylight saving time.

The main aim of starting daylight saving time was to enable saving of energy. When daylight saving was being formed, it was with the goal of saving of energy. In the light evening, normally there are low demands for the illumination. The researchers say that with the researches done, it proposes that there is going to be a positive effect on the daylight saving. Some other researches have been done and show that there is reduces lighting demand. The warmers hours of the daylight, however, increased to the conditioning, therefore, removing the gains from the decreasing light. Therefore people are going to pay higher bills for the electric lights that they used to pay earlier. The daylight saving time has made the lighting and the electricity which is used during the evening to be reduced. However, in the dark mornings, it was noted that there were high demands of the energy thus leading to usage of more light and electricity. Therefore it means that the gain that was gotten from the evening was compensated. This is a significant reason why most people write a petition for ending daylight saving time.

Various health issues have resulted from the daylight saving time. The diseases may have resulted from the shifting of the clock on hourly as it is too dangerous to a person.Read more about day light saving at enddaylightsavingtime.org  . When the daylight saving time was started, it has been noticed that most people are suffering from diseases like heart attack.  Due to the getting disturbed sleep and the biological rhythm disturbance, it could be the cause of people suffering from the hear attack diseases. Daylight saving time has to lead to the stress level of most people to rise. It is not simple for the people suffering from this condition to get the best recovery from, the illness. Therefore most people are suggesting and writing the petition for ending the daylight saving time.Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time


Reasons Why There Are Petitions To End The Practice Of Daylight Saving.
There have been activities that are carried out by individuals who experience summer known as day light saving time. This procedure has been carried out for a very long time by individuals in the tropical regions. The practice of daylight saving has been carried out by means of adjusting clocks in the summer months to be an hour I advance with the normal time.Read more about day light saving at enddaylightsavingtime.org  .  This practice is meant to make the day light to last one hour longer in the evening. This practice is generally meant to take more advantage of the day light as it is utilized an hour more in the evening though it calls for an hour sacrifice to the normal sunrise time. This practice has been practiced for quite sometimes now until there have arisen institutions who are advocating for the end of this practice.

This institutions argue very strongly against the practice of daylight saving have established reasons which they argue against. Among the reasons why this institutions and individuals have developed petitions to overcome this practice are valid as some claim that daylight saving has a negative effect on the general human health while other groups and institutions claim that the practice of daylight saving time must come to an end as it increases the amount of carbon (iv) oxide produced to the atmosphere. The second group further argues that if the amount of carbon (IV) oxide produced increases it reduces the ozone layer and thus occurrence of global warming.

These institutions and individuals need support for their petition to be carried forward and thus they have established websites where different people can give their views and recommendations.Read more about day light saving at enddaylightsavingtime.org .   These websites are very functional and always kept up to date as these websites have clients giving their contributions and comments throughout.

The end day light petition has been a trend as it has also gained fans in social media sites such as twitter. Individuals who have not given their contribution, suggestions and comments are advised to check it out in twitter as this the simplest way to give a comment. The issue has captured most of the participant's interest as most are individuals who have once or severally carried out the practice of daylight saving time. If the petition receives enough support from the concerned parties then most likely these practice will be wiped out. The groups presenting the petition will have to prove the negative effects of daylight saving.Learn more fromhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time


Arguments to Stop Daylight Saving Time

When daylight saving time ends and goes back to standard time, we all enjoy an hour of sleep in the autumn.Read more about day light saving at When does time change  . But each spring, when we go forward and lose and hour in the process, the inevitable cost comes back.

The disadvantages of having daylight saving time are not only seen in the realm of sleep. Advancing our clocks will actually mess up our natural circadian rhythm and this is neither healthy nor productive.

In the days following the beginning of daylight savings time, we are deprived of some hours of sleep. The effect on employees is that they are more prone to error in during these early days. You see more workplace injuries which are more severe that at standard time days. This will ultimately cost money for employers and create a drag on the economy.

In the case of students, it has been shown that they also suffer the effects of daylight saving time.Read more about day light saving at about  .  More students get lower test scores in secondary level during the start of the time change.

When it comes to health, daylight saving time is not a positive thing. Melatonin production is inhibited when our exposure to sunlight changes. Melatonin is a hormone that promotes sleep. The result when this happens is insomnia, which can last longer than the first few days of adjustment to the time change. Researchers have also noted the incidence of heart attacks increased by 10 percent in the days and weeks immediately following time change. In other researches, they found that on the Monday after daylight savings time went into effect, there were 25 percent more heart attacks than on a standard Monday.

The origin of daylight savings time can be traced back to Word War II and they had to do this to save energy and fuel. But World War II is long over, and today, there is no longer evidence that daylight saving time actually saves on energy and fuel. The truth is that daylight saving time resulted in running air conditioners longer in the summer and the heater longer in the winter. To think that today, most businesses are online operating 24/7 and very few live in a 9=5 Monday-Friday job.

Daylight saving time has a lot of negative impact in our lives so it is best if we go back to using standard time all the time. Our biological clocks go with the planet's rotation and we cannot change that. Daylight saving time has to end.Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time
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